Inbound Marketing at Tytanium Ideas

As a full-service digital marketing agency, our Inbound Marketing Retainer encompasses the best solutions for your business goals. Whether it be digital ads, email marketing, blogging or social media marketing on any platform... nothing is off limits! When it comes to pricing, we’ve got a pretty awesome system in place.

Block Pricing

Like most agencies, we’ve tried charging by the hour for our services. We hated it. Our clients weren’t so crazy about it either. And there are a lot of ways it can go wrong.

Now, instead of charging by the hour, we price by block.

What’s a block?

A block is a unit of measurement we use to measure the impact and effort that goes into our work. You pay for a certain number of blocks per month, and our strategists determine the best use for them based on your goals.

1 Email Campaign = 4 Blocks
1 Blog = 2 Blocks

Why Do It This Way?

We like to provide clarity and transparency to what we do. This also gives you, the client, clarity on what you will get at the end of each campaign and project, clarity on objectives, and clearly defined goals. When you go back to report to your team or boss, you have completed items instead of billable hours!

Blocks are assigned within the campaign developed to meet the business goals and are approved by you. At the end of the campaigns and/or project you will have completed deliverables. It just makes sense.

How You Benefit:

You should not have to pay more or suffer if our internet goes out, or if research takes a long time. You just want a completed, awesome and successful campaign. Pricing this way ensures that happens.
No matter how much time it takes to complete, you get what you paid for.
This gives us the freedom and ability to design campaigns and solutions based on your unique business goals and objectives. NOT pigeon holed into hours.

Your business is a fingerprint: entirely unique. Your digital marketing efforts should be too.

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