You'll See Real ROI

You need your online advertising to be about more than just the number of likes or clicks. With Tytanium, your digital ads will be created with your long and short-term marketing goals in mind to produce real ROI.

Your Online Advertising Strategy Will be Based on Real Data

This includes more than just the numbers and costs. You’ll learn more about your customers and potential customers through regular monthly reports. We report the results of our advertising efforts and identify exactly where the ad clicks came from, including the location, age group, gender, and any other demographic information relevant to your advertising campaigns.

Google Ads

If you’re looking to drive traffic to your website, online advertising with Google Ads can be invaluable. Google ads will earn you clicks from a carefully targeted audience, which means more eyes on your copy and a better chance of turning those eyes into leads and paying customers.

For example, the Google Ads campaign we ran for our client RN Guardian earned them a 62% increase in their click-through rate, from 1.01% to 1.64% (well above their industry average!)

Facebook Ads

A good social media marketing strategy can bolster your organic traffic and help you share your brand with your waiting customers. However, if you want to legitimately increase the number of people engaging with your page and your content, there’s no better tool than Facebook Ads.

One client’s Lead Gen Facebook Ads averaged $3.41 and later just $0.80 a lead, when the average at the time was $5!

Let's talk about your current online ads. We think we can do better. 

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