Everyone needs to re-charge, to be revived and to be fueled.

In this fast-paced, performance-driven, go-go-go world, the norm is a high octane work environment. While this is not a bad thing (in fact it’s kind of fun) we feel there is a strong need to slow down as well.

Tii-Fuel-Logo.pngThus we created Tytanium Fuel.

The leadership at Tytanium Ideas wanted to ensure that all of the team members take time to fuel their soul. We feel that it’s important to have players that are energized, charged up, fired up and ready to take the hill!

After being at Tytanium Ideas for 1 year, each member of the company gets a preset allotment of money to be used for… whatever they want.

Yep. Go take this money and do what fuels you. What fires you up, what energizes your soul, what gets you so excited to do, you’re practically giddy!

Will you go fishing for a weekend, sit and do nothing by the beach, spend an entire weekend at a music festival? Perhaps you want to serve someone else, or treat your kids to an amazing memory-filled weekend. Doesn’t matter!

There is a catch though.

All members of the team must share what they’re going to do that fuels their soul, and then give a full report of the events when they return.

In the digital marketing line of work there are performance requirements, fast deadlines and a service mentality where the requirement is to give and give and give. The stress is high and the pressure is the same.

We value this “service first” concept but realized that in order to go fast, sometimes you have to slow down.

We want the best for each member of our team.  We want the best for each partner that we work with, and we want the best for you!

We believe this is a better mentality to serve, to better understand our clients and to work more productively as a team. 

Are you ready to be fueled?

Fill out the form below and lets see if working at Tytanium Ideas might be a good fit for you!