A Career-Launching Opportunity

Gain the real-world experience you need to get ahead in a Digital Marketing Career.

The Tytanium Internship Program is a 90-day program designed to prepare students for a career in Digital Marketing. Interns will get experience working in an agency setting with marketing professionals on social media marketing, digital advertising, content strategy, blogging, website design and development, graphic design, sales, customer experience management and more!

We understand there's a gap between what marketing and communications students learn from academy classes and the fast-paced working environment of a digital marketing office. Our program is designed to help students bridge that gap and leave our program with tangible, real world skills they can bring with them to their next job. 

Here's an example of some of the things you might do or learn while you're an intern with us:

  • Overview of Inbound Marketing
  • Social Media 101
  • Facebook Best Practices for Business
  • Social Media Content Project
  • Digital Advertising 101
  • Reporting Success in Social Media
  • Reporting Project
  • Blogging 101
  • Blogging for SEO
  • Blogging Project
  • Digital Marketing Outreach 101
  • LinkedIn Makeover Project
  • Graduation, Letters of Recommendation

Apply for Our Internship Program

Applications are now open for  Summer, Fall, and Winter 2018 internships.